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2006-04-20 - 9:21 a.m.

Yesterday was very exciting because my dad, Bill Allen, was on NPR which is National Public Radio! If they play reruns you might could hear him. He was on a show about Patrick Henry College. He talked about Brown University, which is where he went to college. I felt so proud of him because he was so smart and the people kept saying he made good points. I don't really know what all they were talking about because it was big boy stuff.

I said I would write about Webb this entry.

Webb is nine years old and he is beautiful. He has very bright blue eyes and he has great freckles. His hair has a nice wave with some grey streaks.

You may have noticed that we take Webb around in a wheelchair because he doesn't walk yet. He doesn't talk yet either but we lay hands on him and pray for him every day and we're trusting Jesus to heal him up.

Some people don't believe that Jesus does that sort of thing but we know he does. He healed Sarah's heart defects up even though the doctors said they couldn't heal without an operation.

George had medical problems. He had cysts on his kidneys and the doctors said he wouldn't live longer than one week old, but he is five years old now!

We always give our worries to Jesus and that's why we're okay about Webb. We wish the Lord would hurry, but we don't give him a deadline or anything, we just keep on praying.

Webb loves to play with loud toys. He likes rock and roll Ernie and he loves the Hess truck he got for Christmas. He loves all helicopters and the ceiling fans. In winter, he enjoys watching the fire in the fireplace.

We used to feed Webb but one day Mom put the fork in his hand and told him to feed himself, and he has fed himself ever since! That was like a miracle because nobody would have thought he'd have enough sense to do it. It's hard to tell how much sense he has because he doesn't talk yet.

One time his batteries ran out in his keyboard and Mom found him in the hall with a package of batteries and a phillips head screwdriver trying to replace them. That takes sense, doesn't it?

Will is the one who takes the most care of Webb. He changes his diapers and gets him in his chair and he gives him his bath. Will is Webb's best friend. Will usually knows what Webb wants. He understands Webb's sounds and he can just tell what Webb is thinking. Sometimes Will gets aggravated with Webb when he's being stubborn, but they love each other a lot.

Webb is really fun to play with. Sometimes when we wrestle around, Webb will protect you from another brother. Sometimes Webb will let Richard ride on his back. Richard calls Webb "BoBo" because he can't say Webb.

I think Blue's Clues is Webb's favorite show, but he laughs his head off at The Wiggles.

We don't know all about what goes on in Webb but that's why Dad prays every day that the Lord would heal his lack, and then we thank the Lord for every new thing Webb does.

One time Mom made strawberry shortcake for Webb because it is his favorite sweet thing. He doesn't like candy or cookies or ice cream. When he finished it up, he clearly said, "I want some more!" She made more and cried her head off.

Jesus heals. It's not like a magic potion, it is just like trusting God to help because nothing is too hard for him.



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