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2006-02-15 - 2:33 p.m.

Valentine's Day is only for women, really. Sometimes men and boys get things but they shouldn't expect it. We should really keep it to the ladies because chocolates and flowers and jewelry and shiny things and making a fuss over them delights them.

Sarah and Mom usually cook something special for us like a fancy supper or cake. This year we got a chocolate cake with pink and red hearts sprinkled on it. Last year we got a chocolate cake without icing. It was sprinkled with powdered sugar on top of a doily and it made it look lacy. They didn't make it this year because they ran out of time and it is very difficult to make. Sometimes too much icing gives me a bad feeling.

Our neighbor gave us delicious heart-shaped chocolate cheesecakes and pretty little lollipops on very long, limp, plastic sticks that sway back and forth. The candy part has see-through red hearts, X's, O's, and lips. They were so pretty in the cellophane wrappers. She also sent pink and white tulips that we put in a crystal vase on the supper table.

We gave our neighbors a big box of Bud Lite because the husband likes it. We put a big pink heart with his name in red and wrote "This Bud's for you!" and we dotted the exclamation point with a heart. At first we put a heart for the "U" in "Bud's" but it looked like "This Bod's for you", so we changed it.

We gave the wife a box of cookies that is our own recipe. They are the best cookies! I broke one open today and it looked like it was painted with chocolate! We all colored on the white gift box with different shades of pink and red and then we put a pink ribbon on it.

We made boxes of cookies for all the ladies at the hair shop, too. I love those ladies so much! They are beautiful. They are interested in our family and Mrs. Pam said our recipe was the best cookies she ever had! Mrs. Murff was there too. She's the one who wrapped her arms around me at Christmas and held me close to her and kept hugging me. She talked to me about her granddaughter, I think. I don't remember all she said but I do remember her smooth pink cheeks. We were very comfortable together. We knew at once we were going to love each other.

The ladies all loved our cookies and they told Mom she should put them in a cookie competition.

We got Mom a box of chocolates and Dad got her the photo center for the computer that she wanted.

We've been running in the morning. We get up at 6am and Dad reads the Bible to us and then we stretch and go for a run. Today I kept up with them! Then we come home and eat breakfast, Dad goes to work, and we children go to do farm chores. When we come in, we start school, play outside after lunch, and then after supper we practice instruments or Dad teaches writing.

Right now I'm going outside to play in the fort we built!



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