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2008-12-05 - 5:11 p.m.


Mom and Sarah Grace picked up a nice package of spekulatius from Aldi. It was so tasty that they bought three more bags on their last trip because we loved them so much and since they are seasonal, they could run out.

Spekulatius reminds me of my father's grandfather, Opa. He was a German baker man from Alsace-Lorraine and he and Oma had a bake shop in New York City! I never met them but I wish I had. He had wooden spekulatius molds and he made the cookies for his family.

Lately I've been reading the Bible a lot and I've been understanding everything I read. I told Mom and she read I Corinthians chapter one where Paul writes that he knows very well how foolish the message of the cross is to those who are on the road to destruction. (I call it Broadway.) God says he will destroy human wisdom and discard their most brilliant ideas. Paul was a very educated man like an intellectual, but he didn't count that for anything. He said the cross of Christ is the very power of God. So, where does that leave the philosophers, the scholars, and the world's brilliant debaters? God has made them all look foolish and he has shown their wisdom to be useless nonsense. I know he is showing me his deep secrets and I'm just a kid!

We're visiting another church on Sunday. I hope they are real Christians and not just the churchy type people. This church uses grape juice for communion instead of wine, but they should know that I can hold my liquor! They think it is wrong to drink wine. They are misunderstanding that part. Jesus drank wine and his first miracle was turning water to wine, not wine to water! He said to not get drunk. He didn't say not to drink. I think they are trying to please the Lord by not drinking wine and I'm glad for that.

After all the trouble with Webb having that bad seizure and all, my mom told us a story that I want to tell you. When I told her I wanted to put it in my journal, she warned me that the world won't love it like I loved it but I want to write it anyway.

After my mom went through a day with a lot of hard trials and deep cares, she couldn't get to sleep that night. She came out to the den and just laid on her stomach on the sofa with her arms above her head. As she was lying there, she pictured herself with her arms wrapped around Jesus' ankles with her head on the top of his feet. While she was holding on to him and crying her heart, she kept wondering what was over her shoulder, not feeling completely safe. So, after awhile she stood up and backed up against him (he was tall like a giant). It was like you could back up against curtains, and she pulled his robe around her from the right and the left to try to hide herself, but her feet were sticking out and she made a bulge in his robe. Then she remembered how Jesus showed Thomas the slit in his side from the soldiers spear and offered Thomas to stick his fist in to prove he was him. So, Mom found his slit and climbed inside it! It wasn't bloody because all his blood was poured out for us so she said it flapped back in place like a doggy door and she curled up in his side like a squirrel in a nest in a tree and she fell fast asleep. She said she slept her warmest and best sleep ever inside Christ, and it was just the comfort she needed for her broken heart and grief. I loved this story.

A few nights later I had a dream that we were on the road in the field next to our house and it started raining, so I asked Jesus if I could get under his cape. He was sitting down writing a letter. It was in cursive so I couldn't read what it said. (I have trouble reading some cursive writing still.) I crawled under his cape. (He had on a cape like in a movie I saw where he was clearing the temple and he swung his cape.) I didn't fall asleep- I just stayed out of the rain. The next thing I knew our bathroom appeared in the field and the black guy from The Three Musketeers was reading Jesus' note in the bathroom.

My dream was just nuts.



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