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2007-09-19 - 6:35 p.m.

Last night Spencer and Will took Sarah Grace to her class at USC. They told Mom that instead of studying at the library, they were going to throw the football back and forth and accidently throw it through a girls' dorm room window so they would have to go get it. Mom asked them what they would do once they got to the dorm room and they said they hadn't thought that far. We all laughed because that's funny because, in the first place, they would never do that, they were joking, and, in the second place, we don't date. None of us has ever had a girlfriend and Sarah Grace has never had a boyfriend. Not that we don't think about it.

In fact, lately I have been watching this kids' movie called "Sky High" that we tivo-ed and it has some cute and pretty girls in it. I've watched it over and over again to the point that my brothers tease me about watching it. It's not like I'm in love with any of the girls in the movie, but it does get me stirred up for love.

Sometimes I wonder if some girl might come to my journal and see me with my hair gelled back like Michael Corleone and swoon.

There is a cartoon called Kim Possible and I think Kim is very pretty and she has a great personality. Don't get me wrong-- I'm not in love with a cartoon. But I like the whole package of this character.

I had this secret in my vault because I was sure my brothers would never get off my back if they knew it. Finally, because I can't keep secrets from them, I told them what I thought of her and they weren't surprised that I was attracted to a cartoon. They were surprised that I was attracted to someone with a sarcastic personality. They said she's sassy. But she's not.

Mom said that before we go falling in love, she wants us boys to have the money to pay for the wedding because she doesn't like the American tradition of the bride's family paying for it. She said it would be noble and irresistible if we saved to pay for the wedding and gown and jewelry and wine. And we should be able to have at least enough money for a nice little house fixed up neat.

I want to make a nice wedding with swans and shooting fireworks and kids throwing confetti. And the best wedding music. And maybe I could bake a beautiful cake with my Mixmaster.

After the honeymoon I would take her to a newlywed cottage with a chimney, cook pots, crystal plates, a flower garden, a happy little tire swing like Everett McGill's and whatever else I could pay for. You know, I might need some help with all this from Dad.

But first I want to get braces to close this gap in my teeth.



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