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2007-08-28 - 8:19 p.m.

Last week I went on a trip to Jacksonville with my brother James and my sister Sarah and my father.

Dad took James and me to the beach to boogie board. One goliath wave shot me like a speeding bullet up on the shore. I felt faster than Superman! It was like I got stuffed in the barrel of an armored tank and I got blown on to the beach. No kidding, it was like I was starring in an action movie-- a mix between Jack Bauer, Jason Bourne, and James Bond.

I was sitting on the sand with no waves coming and when I could finally see, I looked around to find Dad and James. I finally saw them way out over their heads just floating on their boards. It sickened me because I felt like they left me by myself. The ocean is a lonely place without your family.

We had supper tonight at 4:30 because Sarah's class at The Culinary Arts Institute started tonight at 6:oo. Dad and Will took her but normally Will and Spencer take her. They'll go study at the library while Sarah Grace is in class. Sarah Grace knows how to drive but she doesn't drive alone. That's how we roll.

Tonight I helped Mom cook supper since Sarah was at guitar lessons. We made grilled chicken and pineapples and a huge salad. I peeled the cucumber and collected all the ingredients. Sarah got in just in time to make her delicious salad dressing. That meal is simple but great.

Go to my family's new blog to see pictures of us in Jacksonville and Fernandina Beach.



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