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2007-05-19 - 12:55 p.m.

Today is a big work day but I'm taking a break.

Uncle Bob, our llama, is a cool dude. He was bred to protect sheep and goats. Don't ask me how they do it, but he is born with a talent to take care of them.

When we brought the sick lamb with the black polka dot and her momma up to the trailer in the carport, I thought Uncle Bob was going to jump the fence. He darted back and forth and back and forth along the fence with his neck stretched out trying to see them. Normally he runs like Pepe Le Pew with a boingy boingy hop but when he was worried, he sped very fast like Dash in "The Incredibles." We were just taking them to a safe place together to nurse the lamb since she was dying and we were trying to save her but Uncle Bob didn't understand that. He cried and fretted for them. He acted like they were married.

When a liitle lamb was born last week, Uncle Bob stood up very straight in front of the momma to block our view.

Mrs. Maury said when a wild dog got in her pasture, her llama pinned it down and gutted it. I know Uncle Bob would do the same thing if the girls were in danger.

When baby lambs are born, Uncle Bob goes over and keeps watch. He sniffs them and nudges them to stand up and go to momma. He circles them to keep them from wandering away. He also gently lifts their legs to get them going. He is a very good nanna. He lets the babies climb on his back and topple off and climb up and topple off over and over again.

I started calling Uncle Bob "Lieutenant Bob" since the new babies got here and I salute him. I call Crumpet, our castrated ram "2nd Lieutenant" because he's tender with the babies too. He lets them take naps with him.

Ma brought a man named Johnny Browder over to our house for lunch. Johnny Browder is a friend of Mom's family we never met before. I was happy to meet him. At first, I thought I might be shy but then I made big, big, big, friends with him. We made a good impression on each other.

Johnny Browder has read my journal and he likes it. I don't know why people I've never met read my journal but I'm glad they do. A journal without fans is like a cup without a saucer.

Johnny Browder is a large but not fat man with white hair that has nice long whooshing waves. His hair is like Barry Gibb's hair.

Johnny Browder is funny. He thinks you are funny too. You'll laugh at what he says and he'll laugh at what you say.

We sang for Johnny Browder's parents at Christmas and they loved us and let us hug them. Mrs. Browder always gives us popcorn when we go to her.

Johnny Browder doesn't have any children but he could come here and play with us and we could cook hotdogs on the grill because he likes hotdogs and we like hotdogs but he doesn't drink beer because it doesn't agree with him. He hates snakes but he loves our pond and deck. He has a wife but we haven't met her yet. It was very fun having him here and I hope he comes back on Thursday.

I've got to get back to work now.



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