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2006-03-17 - 8:29 a.m.

We got permission from the ladies at Mrs. Pam's hair shop to put the pictures from my visit on my journal. I couldn't put all the pictures I wanted because we have to buy picture space so I had to choose. That was hard.

If you missed the entry about my visit, you can click "previous" and then "previous" again at the end of this entry, or you can click "Older Entries" and then click the one called "Mrs. Pam's Hair Shop."

Starting on the left is Mrs. Earline, the one who did a great job cutting my hair and came in early before Mrs. Murff got there. That was very nice of her to do for me. We talked about her puppy, Hannah, and we had a nice visit. She has come to my journal and she wrote in my guestbook. Next is Mrs. Pauline. She works in the back of the shop so we don't know her as well as some of the other ladies yet, but she came out to hear us sing at Christmas and she ate some of the pie I made. She is friendly and stylish. Then there's me and Mrs. Pam. Mrs. Pam owns the shop and she cuts Ma and Mom and Sarah's hair. Mrs. Pam is crazy! Seriously, she's crazy going around loving everything we do. She has the BEST laugh! She said my pie was so good that she was going in the back room to lick the plate. When she came out, she said she even got pie in her hair from licking the plate clean. I think she was just kidding, but it was funny anyway. Mrs. Pam gives good full hugs, too. Next is Mrs. Lois. Mrs. Lois is the manager, I think. She doesn't cut hair but she answers the phone and writes in that big book. When you pay, you go to her desk. Mrs. Lois is a very sweet person and she takes good care.

Here is Mrs. Murff and me. Mrs. Murff is a customer there. She is showing off the notebook I made for her. That is a picture of me on the back cover with a bouquet of flowers. The front has a picture I colored of the Apostle John writing down The Revelation on a tablet on the Island of Patmos. He was a writer, too. Mrs. Murff looks so beautiful with her soft wavy blondish whitish hair. I told you she has smooth pink cheeks!

Here's Mrs. Kat and me with the bunny she brought me. She and Mrs. Lois share a job at the desk. The bag of candies is on the floor. I shared them with everybody when I got home.

This is me with one of the pies in the hair dryer chair with the space helmet.

Here I am with Mrs. Murff again. That's my wallet in my pocket to pay for my haircut. It also has my pretend passport and credit cards, but the money is real.

This is another picture I like because they are all piling around me. I will always treasure these pictures.

I met a kid my own age Wednesday night which was the son of someone my dad knows. When he came over to us to be introduced to me, he hobbled like he was crippled-- only he's not crippled. He quickly limped up to me and put his face in front of my face, almost touching noses. He never said "hello", or "nice to meet you", and he didn't shake my hand. I said "hi", and he just walked away and went back to his little electronic game he was playing.

I was kind of disappointed he acted that way, but I don't have much luck with boys my own age. I have more luck with girls my age.

If I met a girl and invited her to dinner, I would set a nice table with flowers and crystal and I would wear a suit and aftershave. I would serve her like she's a princess and I would make her feel special. If I wanted to kiss her and all that, I would marry her, but if she tried to kiss me, then that's a different story. Dad needs to teach me about mankind, so I can be manly, and a gentleman, and noble-- like a nobleman.



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