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2006-03-09 - 10:20 a.m.

Yesterday was one of my biggest days ever! I went to Mrs. Pam's beauty shop and I got to see all the ladies. I was supposed to go last week but Mrs. Murff had another appointment so she wasn't there. I was planning to deliver the notebook I made for her which was all my journal entries because she doesn't have a computer. I also made a book for the shop because sometimes the ladies have computer problems.

Since Mrs. Murff wasn't there last week, I had to wait a whole nother week to go. By that time my hair had gotten too long and I wanted it trimmed up but Dad couldn't get me an appointment in time. I don't know why Mom wouldn't do it because she cuts the other kids hair all the time. Mom called Mrs. Pam's hair shop and Mrs. Earline said she would come in early to cut my hair in the half hour before Mrs. Murff got there. That worked out perfect! Mrs. Earline did a fine job and I really like it; it's not tangled anymore. We had a fun time, too.

I wore my puffy white chef hat and chef jacket with cloth buttons that are like knots. I wore that because I made them two cream cheese pies. The pies are made on pizza pans and the bottom layer is sorta like a soft buttery cookie. The middle layer is almond extract, cream cheese, and a little bit of sour cream whipped up fluffy and the top layer is strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple and kiwi put around in a circle. It is very special looking, like party food. You could serve it for Easter. Everybody loved it! I was so happy. Everything tastes better when you share it. Sometimes we make meals that are so tasty that we wish all our friends would come over so we could share it with them.

After Mrs. Earline cut my hair, we went next door and had a hotdog at Sandy's, except Mom had a turkey sandwich. When we got back to the hair shop Mrs. Murff was there and she was so glad to see me. She already had her arms open when I was coming in the door. We sat down in the same seat and we each had a piece of the pie together. When Mrs. Pam put her under the space helmet, I sat in the chair next to her until her hair dried. We had a very nice visit.

Mrs. Kat came in with a big yellow bunny. It's a very soft and fluffy one. She also had a bag of Nestle's Crunch chocolate Easter eggs and it was all for me!

When Ma's hair was finished we had to leave but we had a nice long visit and many of the customers loved the pie I made.

I was nervous before we got there plus I had worked hard on the pies and especially coloring pictures for the notebooks so when I got in the car, I fell fast asleep. I was pooped!

When we got home, Mom made one of the pies for our family and I decorated it with fruit, but she did the rest since I was tired. I was still tired even after my nap! I was so exhausted that I couldn't write this entry so I saved it all in my memory until today.

I want to see all those ladies again soon. I enjoy them, and they enjoy me. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but they love me as much as I love them!

We only have one chicken laying eggs now and she's the kind that lays the bluish-green type. I used her eggs to make the desserts for the ladies because they have a richer flavor than store bought eggs. We feed our chickens oyster shells and mash. We're getting a new flock of baby chicks this weekend maybe or very soon. We get about one hundred or eighty chicks. That will be exciting.



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