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2006-03-01 - 5:56 p.m.

Today when Mom came home from taking Ma to the beauty shop and doctor's office, she had an envelope addressed to me. It was a vanilla colored envelope and on the inside flap it was golden. It looked like a golden ticket! The writing on it was in cursive and it looked very pretty. I opened it and it was a two page note from Mrs. Murff thanking me for copies of my journal that I gave her and for the cookies and apples. The note paper had a golden stripe around the edges like a border. It looked very elegant.

When we were at the fort today, James told George and me to go behind the wall of the fort. James said he heard something in the woods, and I heard footsteps! I thought it was Spencer or a snake, except snakes don't make footsteps, they just swiver along. We never did find out what it was because we took off running very fast toward home. Next time I go to the fort, I'm going to take my compass and a walkie talkie. Our walkie talkies have a call button and I bet my Mom would come out with her shotgun and shoot the bad guy in the legs and call the police. We have ropes and we could tie him up to a chair and wait for the police to come. This is why Mom said we couldn't go to the fort without a big kid.

"American Idol" is on tonight. I like Elliott, the one who looks like a friendly leprechaun, and also Taylor Hicks who has grey hair. On the girls, the only one I would vote for is Kellie Pickler because she's nice and I happen to be taken with her. I also like the bald rocker.



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