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2005-08-07 - 9:20 p.m.

Yesterday we went to a field day in Pelzer. They had Watusi bulls that have really long bull horns. All of them are boys.

They also had Border Collies and sheep. I saw a machine that ground up corn into grits and cornmeal and they had a horse show.

We went with a family that had seven kids. They have one less than us. The dad was very nice. The children were aloof. We're not allowed to be aloof so I tried to talk to them but they ignored me. They didn't smile much at all. Their baby smiled, but that's it. Mom said our personalities should be interesting and interested. If you love people, you will be interested in them. We are lovers.

It made us feel disappointed that those kids had bad attitudes but we had fun anyway. We watched demonstrations and we participated in some things.

Today Dad accidently left the gate open and our llama and some sheep and a goat got out. They got them back in okay.

Today we made creamed corn. Mom bought a bushel and last night we had it on the cob. George had two pieces and loved it so much that he said he ate it down to the bone. Mom laughed and told him it is called a cob.

For supper we had creamed corn, chicken, collard greens (but they weren't fresh), speckled butterbeans, cucumbers and tomatoes, and iced tea. While we were eating, a blueberry pound cake was baking.

During supper George got on stage and made up a song about creamed corn. It sorta went like this:

Creamed corn is 'licious.
Creamed corn is 'licious.
It is corn and it is creamed.
It is 'licious creamed corn.

After he sang, I got up and sang about Popeye's spinach. Mom said it was like dining in a dinner theatre.

We saw our neighbor mowing her lawn when we were going to the field day. I had sent another email to her:

Dear Mrs. [Neighbor],

We have a book called Handbook of Nature Study and it is written by Anna Botsford Comstock. She wrote it in 1911. She is dead now. She died in 1930.

Handbook of Nature Study is one of our favorite books because Anna Botsford Comstock wrote all about nature and told interesting stories about nature too.

Canada geese eat mostly grass and clover and corn and water plants and seeds but not many insects or smaller animals living in the water.

Canada geese have one mate for their life. Their babies are called goslings and they constantly make a pee wee, pee wee, sound that is nerve-racking.

When you see Canada geese rolling their heads all around themselves, they have probably started their oil gland with their beaks and they are rubbing oil all over.

Be careful not to get too close to them when you are watching them because they can grab ahold of you and give you a whipping... we usually watch them from the window or the deck.

My new teeth are starting to grow in a little bit.

Mom got new shoes with sparkling stones on them to go out to a restaurant with Dad and drink fine wine. I hope they have a candle on the table and share a string of spaghetti like in "Lady and the Tramp". I hope they have after-dinner mints from a crystal candy dish because they are cool and creamy and elegant like pink champagne is elegant and Cary Grant is elegant. Grace Kelly is very elegant and I wished I could have kissed her. Cary Grant and Grace Kelly are already dead now, but I won't ever forget them. She was so beautiful!

James and I got poison ivy clearing the field. It is gone now but it was really itchy for a few days.

I picked this background and letter color so it would look like nature since we looked up geese in Handbook of Nature Study.


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