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2005-08-04 - 9:23 p.m.

Hey Everybody! It's me, John, again! That's right, it's me again!

Whenever it's hot and we spray Uncle Bob with the hose, he jumps up and follows the spray of water around with a big smile on his face and his ears perk up.

Here's a picture of Uncle Bob just standing there. Bobby needs a hairbrush.

Also, here's a picture of us building his new shelter next to the one we made out of a straw bin. That was just in the meantime until we could build his new digs. I'm the one on my knees hammering.

Momma went to Four Oaks Farm today and bought some barbeque and some speckled butterbeans and three pounds of okra and country ham and scuppernong jelly. We had the barbecue and okra and butterbeans for supper. I helped her with the butterbeans and the okra and it tasted perfect. We also had sliced tomatoes and cornbread muffins. George ate three muffins!

Today George behaved VERY, VERY, good. Will asked him why he was being so good, if it was because he was hoping to play PlayStation or something but George just said, "No, I'm just being a holy boy like Mom always wanted."

At supper Mom told a joke that her grandfather loved. Did you hear about the fella who loved boiled okra so much that he ate it every day? Well, he couldn't keep his socks up! Get it? Boiled okra is slimey!

There was also something funny in Charlie and the Chocolate factory too. One time an Oompa Loompa drank the fizzy lifting drink and he started to float away. Willy Wonka said, "Burp, you silly ass!" but he never saw that Oompa Loompa again.

Poor little me. I didn't get to see them set all the mouse traps by the feed bins because I was helping Mom cook. You can't be two places at one time, you know.

One of our chickens is dying. She's dying of old age.



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