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2005-08-01 - 9:17 a.m.

Dad bought Sarah Grace a flock of sheep in May. Sarah Grace is a sheep baroness now. She can't be a baron, I guess, because she is a girl.

I wonder if girls can be pirates.

One of the new sheep is on Pepto Bismol because she has a little upset stomach. We give it to her in a turkey baster.

Uncle Bob, our llama, was dancing around on his tippy toes because of the ants in his pen. Dad had to sprinkle Sevin all over the ground.

Mom took "the big four" to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I'm one of the younger four. We are called the "young guns." We couldn't go because Mom thought it might be too dark since Tim Burton made it. I'm not afraid of the dark, so I hope she will take me soon.

After the movie she took them to Barnes and Noble and bought the book and some fine chocolates. It was a golden box of Godiva chocolates. I like Godiva okay and I like Dove chocolates too, but I especially like the Italian chocolates we get at Christmas.

We are also reading aloud All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriott.

We have gotted a lot of blueberries from our bushes and we are going to make blueberry pound cake and blueberry cobbler. We aren't going to make preserves this year because we have a lot left over from last year.

Momma made herb roasted pork tenderloin last night and it smelled like everything. It smelled like all the flavors we have from all the suppers we make. It made my mouth watery. We have fresh bleu cheese dressing that is the most delicious. It tastes like milky cheese... like creamy cheesy cheese. The bleu cheese has a strong taste that wakes your mouth up.

Mom likes it when I call her Momma because it has a homey pattern like a farm and a quilt.

Mom sheared Crumpet. Crumpet is supposed to be the kind of sheep that you don't have to shear, but Momma doesn't think he got enough of that gene because he looks so hot, so she shears him anyway. Our other sheep have to be sheared because they have beautiful fleece that is made into yarn and blankets. You can buy one of our blankets for $150.00 once we send our fleece to Australia. An Australian man comes every spring to shear sheep but I haven't met him yet. He brings his wife and spends the summer shearing American sheep. We'll let them stay with us and we'll take them to dinner... but not to Outback.



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